Image Archive

AAVA is pleased to begin a service of archiving and sharing exceptional images. We are interested in images that have instructional value at either the DVM level or for graduate studies purposes. If you have high-quality images that you would like to share with the membership, please feel free to submit them.

Sending Images

Please do not send large numbers of photos for the archivists to wade through. It would be best to send one photo file at a time with information about the file, including species, organ or region, and what is particularly good about the photo.

Images should be sent to the appropriate volunteer archivist listed below:


Eleanor (Missy) Josephson –


David Sims –

Large Animal Gross Anatomy

Ed Smallwood –

Neuroanatomy / Neurology

Anton Hoffman –

Small Animal Gross Anatomy

Ioana Sonea –

Acknowledgements & Credits

If you would like to have your name acknowledged when your image is used, please signify. The archivist will then include your name in the file name of the image. If you want your name and/or institution acknowledged directly on the image, please put them on the image via Photoshop or some other photo editing program. Please do not send photos that you do not have the right to distribute. Line drawings, photos, cartoons, whatever might assist all of us as instructors are welcome.

Image Specifications

The details of image organization and file name will be handled by the archivists. Most institutions use digital projectors that handle images 1024 pixels wide. Most silver screens do not offer resolution beyond about 900 pixels. There is no size restriction for submissions; however, some schools have e-mail attachment limits, so please send only one photo file per message.

The archivists will evaluate this program and make changes to the instructions as needed. The goal is to display the images on this website for use by AAVA members.

If you have any questions, please contact the above volunteer archivists. For technical questions, please contact David Sims at