Executive Committee

2021-2023 Officers

David Cross, President

David Cross, AAVA PresidentWelcome to the website of the American Association of Veterinary Anatomists. The AAVA is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the advancement of veterinary anatomical science. We are continuing to update this site in the hopes that it will serve as a useful resource for veterinary anatomists. We have links to a number of sites including a repository of anatomical photos. I have used the latter to supplement pictures I use on presentations and they were very handy when we were shutdown due to the panademic.

Thank you for your interest in our association. Stay safe and get vaccinated. Hopefully things will eventually get back to some semblance of “normalcy”. If you have questions that this site does not answer, please feel free to contact me at crossdt@missouri.edu.

Dave Cross, AAVA President

Cheryl Herman, Membership Secretary – Treasurer

Cheryl HermanCheryl is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University. She received her DVM from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada in 1987. After graduation, she spent 14 years working as a veterinary practitioner in a variety of mixed and small animal private veterinary practices in Canada. She began her career in academia in 2002, when she began teaching large animal gross anatomy at Texas A&M University. In 2009, she moved to Kansas State University and spent 5 years teaching and developing a variety of veterinary anatomy courses. In 2014, she returned to Texas A&M, where she continues to teach in both large and small animal veterinary anatomy courses, and also in the undergraduate biomedical anatomy course. She is very passionate about teaching and thoroughly enjoys having extensive direct contact hours with the students in the anatomy laboratory. This is the perfect venue for small group teaching and provides an excellent opportunity for hands-on learning. It also affords the opportunity to integrate clinical applications into anatomy.

Apart from teaching, Cheryl’s scholarly activities and interests include comparative anatomy. She has written a book chapter on the anatomical differences between the donkey and the horse, and continues to explore these differences. She is also constantly striving to improve her teaching methods, and enjoys creating and implementing new classroom assessments and activities, with the goal of improved “deeper” learning in the classroom.

Cheryl’s hobbies include cycling, hiking, and running.

Karen Hershberger-Braker, Corresponding Secretary

Karen Hershberger, AAVA Corresponding SecretaryKaren is a lecturer in the Departments of Comparative and Pathobiological Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison), School of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her PhD in Virology at Harvard University, then did post-doctoral work on influenza at UW-Madison. Karen earned her DVM at UW-Madison in 2010. Motivated by her long-standing interest in education, Karen taught veterinary technology at a small school before joining the staff at UW-Madison in 2017. One of her favorite aspects of teaching is showing students the practical application of their coursework to clinical procedures. In addition to teaching both large and small animal anatomy, Karen is involved in research on ultrasound-guided regional anesthetic blocks. Her outside activities include frequent participation in local spay-neuter clinics, where she can help provide veterinary services to patients in underserved communities.

AAVA Past Presidents at Auburn meeting in 2017

Recent Presidents of AAVA at the July 2017 meeting, Auburn University.

Past Officers

Year President President-Elect Corresponding Secretary Membership Secretary/ Treasurer
2019-2021 Steve Lampa David Cross Bob Linford Cheryl Herman
2017-2019 Tina Clarkson Steve Lampa Bob Linford Cheryl Herman
2015-2017 Ray Wilhite Christina Clarkson Steve Lampa Michelle Pine
2013-2015 Leslie Sprunger Ray Wilhite Steve Lampa Michelle Pine
2011-2013 Terri Clark Leslie Sprunger Steve Lampa Michelle Pine
2008–2011 David Sims Terri Clark Balaji Ramanathan Leslie Sprunger
2007–2008 Baljit Singh David Sims Balaji Ramanathan Leslie Sprunger
2006–2007 Baljit Singh David Sims Thomas Caceci Dennis Duffield
2004–2006 Louise Abbott Baljit Singh Thomas Caceci Dennis Duffield
2002–2004 Nong Inpanbutr Louise Abbott Thomas Caceci Dennis Duffield
2000–2002 Larry Freeman Nong Inpanbutr M. Littlefield-Chabaud Dennis Duffield
1998–2000 Carlton Lamar Larry Freeman M. Littlefield-Chabaud Dennis Duffield
1996–1998 Daniel Hillmann Carlton Lamar Louise Abbott Dennis Duffield
1994–1996 Teresa Rowles Daniel Hillmann Louise Abbott Larry Freeman
1993–1994 Robert Henry Teresa Rowles Louise Abbott Larry Freeman
1992–1993 Gerald Bratton Robert Henry Teresa Rowles Walter Cash
1991–1992 Thomas Caceci Gerald Bratton Teresa Rowles Walter Cash
1990–1991 John Munnell Thomas Caceci Teresa Rowles Jo Ann Eurell
1989–1990 Harold Engel John Munnell Thomas Caceci Jo Ann Eurell
1988–1989 James Smallwood Harold Engel Thomas Caceci W. Haensly
1987–1988 Paul Rumph James Smallwood Harold Engel W. Haensly
1986–1987 William Banks Paul Rumph Harold Engel W. Haensly
1985–1986 Carleton Lohse William Banks James Smallwood Raul Rumph
1984–1985 Norman Wilsman Carleton Lohse James Smallwood Paul Rumph
1983–1984 Wes Anderson Norman Wilsman Carleton Lohse Paul Rumph
Year President President-Elect Secretary/ Treasurer
1982–1983 Edward Hinsman Wes Anderson David Van Sickle
1981–1982 Wolfgang Sack Edward Hinsman David Van Sickle
1980–1981 Herman Meyer Wolfgang Sack Charles Diesem
1979–1980 H.D. Dellmann Herman Meyer Charles Diesem
1978–1979 Howard Evans H.D. Dellmann Herman Meyer
1977–1978 John Stump Howard Evans Herman Meyer
1976–1977 Clark Holloway John Stump Herman Meyer
1975–1976 Robert Worthman Clark Holloway William Banks
1974–1975 Raymond Sis Robert Worthman William Banks
1973–1974 Thomas Fletcher Robert Worthman
1972–1973 Glenwood Epling Raymond Sis
1971–1972 James Lovell Thomas Fletcher
1970–1971 J.T. Bell Glenwood Epling
1969–1970 R.C. Williams James Lovell
1968–1969 W.S. Tyler J.T. Bell
1967–1968 Robert McClure R.C. Williams
1966–1967 M. Stromberg W.S. Tyler
1965–1966 J. Ballantyne Robert McClure
1964–1965 Robert Habel M. Stromberg
1963–1964 Alvin Weber J. Ballantyne
1962–1963 G. Christensen Robert Habel
1961–1962 Robert Getty Alvin Weber
Year President Secretary/ Treasurer
1960–1961 T. Fitzgerald G. Christensen
1959–1960 C. Westerfield Robert Getty
1958–1959 D.G. Lee T. Fitzgerald
1957–1958 M.L. Calhoun D. Westerfield
1956–1957 Duane Peterson M.L. Calhoun
1955–1956 J. McCurdy A. Price
1954–1955 Ralph Kitchell Duane Peterson
1953–1954 R. Davis J. McCurdy
1952–1953 L. St.Clair D.G. Lee
1951–1952 V.R. Brown Ralph Kitchell
1950–1951 Malcolm E. Miller Ralph Kitchell
1949–1950 James Grossman C. Titkemeyer
1948–1949 Malcolm E. Miller J. Smithcors